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"Now, more than ever, it''s important to lift our business above the average. We need to stand out from our competitors. Anton has made our company stand out. He developed the potential of our business, defined it and made it work. He understands our point of difference and created marketing solutions which brought us profitability. His creative talent and being able to work to short deadlines are a must in today''s market place as opportunities come and go quickly."

Gordon Holland, Managing Director
Holland''s Suzuki Cars

"Adelante handled all aspects of our marketing, from letterhead to uniforms and vehicle colour. We started with an average 25 hires a month. Three months after we set our plan out with Adelante we had 54 hires a month and continual growth. We can''t get skips made quickly enough. Adelante has truly helped expand our business."

Phil White, Owner
Phil A Skip
"Adelante is a hard working marketing and advertising company which gets the job done by knowing that a win/win situation is the only one to be in."

Malcolm Harris, Manager
South City Shopping Centre
"With so many cycle businesses in Christchurch the need to stand out from the crowd and have a point of difference is so important. Adelante helped us acheive this."

Murray Davies - Owner
Bicycle Business

"For 25 years we have been running our business in Christchurch with some success. We tried and tested many different types of marketing to find a way to rise above our competitors. Anton helped us rocket our business to the next level and we''ve never looked back. In 2000 we had four staff members; now we have 11 and two locations. We have continued our success and a strong part of this is the commitment to results Anton has for our business."

Barry Foster, Owner
Fosters outdoor power equipment

"Our competition is right on our doorstep. The strip has 6 bars on Oxford Tce and success is on a daily basis. When we enlisted Anton for a one off promotion the success we gained was momentous. Since then we have been using Anton for our promotions in the restaurant and on radio. By far the most important part of the relationship we have with Anton is the exclusivity to only one bar and no prostitution of themselves to the others."

Clive Weston, Director
Coyote Restaurant and Bar
"With technology moving so fast in the sign writing industry, the need to stay ahead of our competitors is an absolute must to survive. Our clients need immediacy, creativity and continuous work. Adelante Solutions helped us form a marketing plan which helped us maintain and increase our client base. In today''s world it''s hard to find honest, successful marketing companies - I would highly recommend Adelante."

Mike Harris, Owner
On the Spot signs
"In the space of four short years Anton grew my business from 1 garden supplies yard with 2 workers, with a turnover of $130,000 to 3 yards and becoming the largest Landscape and Garden supply yard in the city. I now have 10 staff and a turnover of just over $1,500,000... Anton thank you for your effort in helping me achieve this."

Noel Dick, Owner
Parkhouse Landscape &
Garden Supplies.
5R Solutions "We are a new Business venture and needed a New logo which represented our company, a slogan and printed material in a very very short time frame, The team at Adelante took on the task in a professional manner knowing we had an extreme timeframe for go to market, i would highly recommend Adelante solutions for all forms of Branding and marketing, they have the skills and experience to accomplish a task in a very short timeframe with excellant value for money."

Bridget Grant, Director
5R Solutions
Two logo
SuperShed logo
MetaNZ logo
"With the changes we required within departments we needed new vehicle signage and 12 different Business cards within a week, the people at Adelante took on the task and with many proof changes requested by us, Adelante were able to perform and have the work completed well within our time frame, with a high standard of quality also, I would strongly recommend them and will use them again, repeat business is a testament of Adelante''s standard of work, follow up and integrity to always give excellant value for money."

Chris Grant, Marketing Manager
Heritage Funeral Services "We have invested a lot of money over the past 3 years with little return on investment, Adelante Solutions were referred to us as a Marketing/Communications company that could streamline our Marketing and prevent a lot of wastage as we couldnt see the wood for the trees when it came to marketing, Adelante have far exceeded our expectations, we have reduced our marketing spend overall, have increased it in the right areas and most importantly have a direction, growth and excellant return on investment, thank you Adelante we honestly feel you are a part of our business."

Peter Yearbury, Director
Heritage Funeral Services
Knit World logo "We only do a small amount of awareness advertising during the year, and use Adelante for this, the main reason is one point of contact !, instead of 3 newspaper salesman, 5 radio sales people and various signage, printing and other marketing door knockers, we have one point of contact who we know will source the best forms for us and being neutral has only our best interests in mind, unlike the others who are pushing their product, with the Adelante teams experience they are fully qualified in all areas of advertising and marketing, two reasons, one for having many years experience in the different advertising fields and second and most important guaranteed return on investment, I strongly recommend Adelante Solutions for this reason alone!"

Eileen Tresize, Manager
Knitworld Christchurch
CT candle "Adelante are Amazing, They have designed my logo, made Business cards, Letterhead, Brochures and have designed and built our Website, which we can change ourselves or update AT NO EXTRA COST, the return on investment is the best i have ever seen, this company thrives and exists on referrals and you can ONLY get this if you do a GREAT Job, thank you Adelante Solutions you are a marketing/Communications company that have turned our business around, Adelante have far exceeded our expectations, we have reduced our marketing spend, thanks for making us feel like we are a part of your team.

Belinda Borst, Owner
Be Natural Soy Candles
100 "We started Work with Anton in 1996 with a detailed marketing Plan to generate an identity and to separate our 100% store from the competitor in town, who had 50% market share with us. Following a 3 month trial our identity grew, our branding in the minds of our local consumers grew and so did our profit and market share, after 3 years continuous marketing and strategy we expanded the shop to 5 times its original size, bringing the look of the store into the future, we received many internal awards from the 100% group thanks to the continuous efforts of Anton, but more importantly the profit and results speak volumes. In today''s market place more than ever we want results and return on investment, I would strongly recommend Anton, not just for the results but also the great attitude he has for only partnering with one electrical store, as he does with all his clients, resulting in Sole efforts ideas and results for us alone."

Ross Ditmer, Owner
Ross Ditmer Appliances 100%
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