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Having worked in Australia, England and Colombia as well as New Zealand, our staff has a global pool of knowledge to help you grow your business.
We have worked for some of the worlds biggest companies: News Ltd, Clear Channel Communications, Telstra and Sensis, and the Government of Colombia. We have worked for medium sized businesses, e.g. Universal Magazines Australia, Southern Cross Broadcasting, Radio NZ, Air New Zealand and NZ Police.
This means we have the experience and knowledge to help you promote, grow and manage your business.
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Fourteen years ago Noel bought a small landscape and garden supplies yard in Parkhouse Road, Christchurch, with one truck, one loader and a few trailers. He had a strong grasp on customer service but needed a marketing plan and advertising direction. He enlisted the team at Adelante and they created a slogan representing the point of difference for his business - "1st for your garden all year round", a slogan he still lives by.

Noel embarked on a strong, continuous marketing campaign on radio; targeted use of TV and newspaper, and use of a character logo with all signage. Parkhouse Landscape Supplies grew to be the most successful and profitable garden supplies yard in Christchurch. Now, 2008, they boast five trucks, three loaders and nineteen trailers. "I trusted Adelante to bring an honest message to customers with targeted marketing and direction and most of all, profitable results. They succeeded and it's why we're successful and continue to use Adelante," says Noel. "We strongly recommend them for their honest approach and most importantly, the results!"

Noel Dick - Owner Parkhouse Garden Supplies
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After enjoying 20 years in radio on both sides of the microphone, the team at Adelante Solutions would like to share a few tips for your business. There are more than 30 radio stations in Christchurch: population over 350,000. Compare that with Sydney: population five million and over 10 stations.

Are we lucky to have such diversity? As a listener, yes of course; as a business wanting to advertise, yes! However, many businesses have had frustrating or bad experiences with radio and felt their advertising didn't work. "We tried radio once and it didn't work!" they say.
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